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porching (v.) - my new favorite activity.  

during a beautiful stay in the old village at Palmetto Bluff, SC, i spent every day riding around on my bike and taking in all the different ways people made the most of their porches.   a porch is a great place to unwind and get a glimpse of your neighborhood..  so whether you have a vast front porch or a simple landing outside your door, add a comfy chair or swing, a lantern and some plants to create your own al fresco oasis!


clear as day

i love using one lucite piece in a room.  it's light, bright and always feels right. don't think of this material as too modern or edgy for a more traditional home.  it is a fun way to play with other materials and add an extra layer - like a piece of jewelry.  here are some of my favorite pieces and uses. 


#mad for plaid master bath

very excited to get to work on this master bathroom refresh!  the floor tile was absolutely the launching pad - i have been wanting to use this tile floor for quite a while, so i am thrilled that my client loves it as much as i do.  


next up, we are covering every inch of the walls with extra large grey tile in a herringbone pattern.  we are using gloss black fixtures throughout and having some fun with the lighting by adding a pop of thunder blue in the shades.  


i love that we are salvaging the antique piece that serves as the vanity.  we will simply give it a little "jujing" with a fresh coat of paint (high gloss of course).


check back soon for the big reveal!



thank you atlanta!

a trip to the atlanta americas mart gift & home furnishings market never fails.  three buildings with a total of 45 floors filled with all sorts of treasures is just the jolt i needed to kick off a new year as a shop owner and designer.


there are always the great go to showrooms and designers to visit, but i am even more excited when i meet the newcomers to the market.  it’s so satisfying to know that we are all out there creating, hustling and bringing a little beauty to the world.


i can’t wait for my new goodies to arrive in the shop - they are coming from all over the world and i was psyched to see a good amount being made right here in the usa!   be on the look out for straw bags and baskets galore, beautiful pottery, hints of tropical home decor, breezy clothes and don’t even get me started on the accessories.



the best part is there are no rules. mix it up, show your personality and have some fun.  don’t put it in your house, wear it or gift it if you don’t love it! 



share the hunt:

always put your game face on when you head  to homegoods.  today i was on a mission to find a multi purpose bar cart/tray table for a client who wanted some extra set down space.  as i was approaching the perfect piece, someone beat me to it by a second.  what are the chances?! at homegoods, very high!  so, here's where the dance begins.  i need to act cool; like super cool because if this person knows i also want the prize, then we all know how that goes.  she must have it!   rule of thumb on the hunt:  if you see something you want, run and grab it!  put anything you are considering in your cart immediately then assess later!    this story ended well and now i have a happy client who now owns this seriously awesome "python" collapsible tray table.  it looks great when pulled out for a cocktail bar or as a side table to set a cocktail on;)