thank you atlanta!

a trip to the atlanta americas mart gift & home furnishings market never fails.  three buildings with a total of 45 floors filled with all sorts of treasures is just the jolt i needed to kick off a new year as a shop owner and designer.


there are always the great go to showrooms and designers to visit, but i am even more excited when i meet the newcomers to the market.  it’s so satisfying to know that we are all out there creating, hustling and bringing a little beauty to the world.


i can’t wait for my new goodies to arrive in the shop - they are coming from all over the world and i was psyched to see a good amount being made right here in the usa!   be on the look out for straw bags and baskets galore, beautiful pottery, hints of tropical home decor, breezy clothes and don’t even get me started on the accessories.



the best part is there are no rules. mix it up, show your personality and have some fun.  don’t put it in your house, wear it or gift it if you don’t love it! 


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    There's an astonishing assortment of things to do in Atlanta; that is the thing that makes being here so awesome. We've assembled a few agendas to help you arrange your trip or create your own custom trip itinerary based on your preferences.

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    It’s so fulfilling to understand that we are firm and fast there creation, hustling and transmission a little big success to the world.

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    a trip to the atlanta americas mart gift & home furnishings market never fails. three buildings with a total of 45 floors filled with all sorts of treasures is just the jolt i needed to kick off a new year as a shop owner and designer.

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    So nice story! For me personally looking for presents is happy and pleasant thing. This action is full of love and devotion. I like when I can find something personal for all my friends and relatives.

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    We want to give our troops a “Big Thank You” with a little taste of home this Thanksgiving. Over the past several years.

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    Atlanta is a beautiful city filled with designers and natural beauties and a place where you should definitely visit. People, there are so welcoming and you just said just be you and enjoy the moments.

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